257 arrested, some for terrorist charges in Diwaniya
7/29/2012 6:09 AM



257 arrested, some for terrorist charges in Diwaniya


DIWANIYA/ Aswat al-Iraq: Diwaniya Police Commander announced that the security forces arrested 257 people in a massive raid, some wanted for criminal and terrorist charges.


General Abdul Jalil al-Asadi told Aswat al-Iraq that the raid continued for two days upon intelligence information.


Among the arrested 20 were wanted for terrorist charges, while 175 were wanted for burglary and killing crimes.


He added that 60 more persons were arrested for rioting charges in the city following the explosion of last week, where 49 casualties were reported.


General Asadi disclosed that 40 persons were released due to insufficient evidences.


On the other hand, he added that another two were arrested, who confessed with eight kidnapping and robbing crimes.


He warned that the coming days will witness pre-emptive operations.


During the last thirty days, Diwaniya suffered two explosions, that resulted in 175 casualties, which were regarded the strongest in one year.


Diwaniya, center of the province, lies 180 km south of the capital, Baghdad.

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